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To all the broken people,
To the boy or girl who has been abused or neglected,
To the boy that never became a man,
To the girl that never became a woman,

There is hope and there is healing

You don’t have to continue in your self destructive ways.  Jesus came to give you LIFE!  Ubuntant life!

How many times have you heard that and felt “Where is this ubundant life?  I cannot find this ubundant life in my torment and isolation”  The truth is God is not very far away from any of us but our minds and our souls have instigated coping mechanisms that get in the way of God’s healing waters. There is an answer,

We have to enter the ‘arena of healing’

Most people sit in the stands and never enter into the arena.  Why?  Some find an unhealthy and destructive comfort in staying the same.  Others believe the lie that things cannot change in their lives. Others ignore God’s promptings because of the effort involved in change.

I am here to tell you that Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted and to set the captives free BUT you(and me) we need to get out of the stands and enter into the ‘arena of healing’ where Jesus awaits us to give us victory for the healing of our souls.

We have to place ourselves in the battlefield and not in the stands

This requires effort and determination and courage on our part but Jesus is there on the battlefield to break those bondages and to bring those healing waters of ubundant life.

Lord Jesus, give me the courage to get out of the stand and into the arena of healing in this New Year.  Lord I don’t want to waste another year.   I am going to grab onto this ubundant life with all of my heart and all of my strength.  Lord, I invite you to come into my life.  Father, deliver me and help me to overcome all that hinders me entering into all the fullness of your presence, the fullness of your joy and the fullness of your peace in Jesus Name, Amen

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